Want to grow your own mushrooms? Of course you do! The closer your mushrooms are grown to your plate the better. Fresh is best! So why not grow them in your kitchen with one of our Grow Block Kits?

We lovingly nurture our grow blocks for several mushroom varieties and sell them in easy-to-grow kits. All you’ll have to do is lightly spray water onto the exposed block a few times a day. You can scan the QR code on your grow kits for more instructions if you’re the curious type.



Possibly our most flavourful mushroom thanks to their beautiful earthy, umami flavouring. The silky smooth texture of Shiitake caps will melt in your mouth, whilst their stems remain full-bodied and firm. Shiitakes go well in hearty soups, stews, risotto, you name it. Bonus points for boosting immunity and lowering cholesterol! Said to also boost energy, cell growth and improve circulation.