As ‘Gourmet Champignons’ we champion gourmet goodness for all! From home foodies and vivacious vegans to restaurateurs and fine chefs, we believe that everyone should have access to the amazing taste and health benefits of ‘Mushroom Exotica’.

Ruby Creek is an urban, gourmet mushroom farm on the Quandamooka Coast (Redlands Coast) and we truly believe that the best way to experience mushrooms are fresh, locally grown mushrooms.

Picked at precisely the right time and served as soon as possible, we mostly supply our ‘Mushroom Exotica’ to local Chefs, restaurants and caterers. Mushroom Exotica isn’t just for the chefs and cooks, you can also buy them freshly harvested from us at local markets, or grow your own with one of our grow kits to get the freshest result right in your kitchen.




Possibly our most flavourful mushroom thanks to their beautiful earthy, umami flavouring. The silky smooth texture of Shiitake caps will melt in your mouth, whilst their stems remain full-bodied and firm. Shiitakes go well in hearty soups, stews, risotto, you name it. Bonus points for boosting immunity and lowering cholesterol! Said to also boost energy, cell growth and improve circulation.

Oyster Mushrooms

Our variety of seasonal Oyster mushrooms boast a beautiful variety of colours, flavours and textures to suit a vast array of dishes. Packed with protein, they are easily the hero of any dish. It is widely claimed that they can reduce cholesterol and have cancer-fighting properties.


Boasting a delicious mild and nutty flavour, these long stemmed mushrooms hold their full-bodied texture. Hence why this is the most popular risotto or pasta mushroom! It is claimed that Swordbelt mushrooms are powerful antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Lions Mane

Whilst it may not taste like seafood, Lion’s Mane and Coral Tooth both boast a lobster/crab meat texture, making it the perfect seafood substitute, from Lion’s Mane Linguini to Tempura Coral Tooth! Studies also suggest it has positive effects for gut health, nervous system, cognitive functions and neuronal degeneration.

Scaly Flame Cap

Scaly Flame Caps are one of our most strikingly beautiful mushrooms! With their mild nutty flavour, that retains a crisp texture after cooking, Scaly Flame Caps pair well with meat, fish, egg and cheeses. Known to have cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties to boot!


Slow-Cooked Beef and Shiitake StewThis delicious slow-cooked stew is a year round staple in our home! Any of our strains may be used in this mouth-watering, hearty dish, but we love the way Shiitakes’ melt in your mouth, yet still hold their body. The versatility of this dish is why we love it so much, whatever veg or accompanying herbs you have can pretty much go in! Pair with your favourite Mushroom Sourdough, Bon appetit!
Tempura Coral Tooth with Chive Blossom AioliThis delicately delicious appetizer is one for all to enjoy, and easy to cook and serve fresh! We love to wander out to the garden to pick fresh chives and their blossoms to accompany this light and crispy treat. Try other sauces you may like such as sweet and spicy soy!


We love supplying fresh mushrooms to gourmet venues and local restaurants along the Quandamooka Coast. We are always interested in connecting and collaborating with local Chefs and caterers.

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