Mushrooms. It’s not about us, its about the mushrooms…

We are a local foodie couple living on the Quandamooka Coast (Redlands Coast, Brisbane) and have always tried to be self-sufficient in as many aspects of life as possible. After we found out that a lot of Australia’s mushrooms came from overseas, we decided to grow our own. Dave was quickly consumed by the art of growing gourmet mushrooms, and pretty soon we had more than anyone could eat! And that's how passion 'mushroomed' into a local supply of gourmet mushrooms to select gourmet venues along the Quandamooka Coast.

We feel that every foodie, home chef, or conscientious provider will love having fresh mushrooms to cook with, so we make grow kits and sell fresh produce at select pop-up markets. We are based on the Quandamooka Coast and love the village feel of our region. From the nearby ocean to the local farms and rainforests, it is an environment that inspires. Our mushrooms are a product of this environment and are grown in specially chosen Australian hardwood sawdust blocks which perfectly cultivate their natural gourmet goodness.

Dave & Shahn

It’s all Dave’s fault. Dave got a little obsessed with growing mushrooms because of their natural beauty and all the science and stories around them. Did you know that there’s a variety where you have to slap its bum like a newborn to get it to produce?

We were already curious about mushrooms for their health benefits and their versatility in our diet. So Dave started getting up at silly hours of the night, to figure out the best moment to harvest. Over the years he kept experimenting with different substrate types and reading a lot of textbooks (mushroom exotica).

Mushrooms are one of those subjects where there’s always more to learn if you're curious. Shahn’s love for fungi mushroomed through her studies in Health Science and Traditional Medicine, which spawned all new reasons to try all different varieties for their health benefits. Enchanted by the beauty of fungi, you will often find a beautiful mushroom bouquet on the kitchen counter instead of flowers at Ruby Creek!